About Mike Bishop


I'm Mike Bishop and am a Residential Realtor working in the Kitchener Waterloo area. Since 2009, my experience and expertise have assisted my clients to find a wide variety of homes to fit their different needs.

As a Realtor, I am always trying to provide the absolute best service for my clients. That might mean for my clients being available when they call or giving them my honest advice about a home. For my clients looking at selling their homes, I provide up-to-date marketing strategies to get their house in front of as many buyers as possible. For my buyers, I help narrow down their search until we find that perfect home. With my years of experience, I am able to help both my sellers and buyers through the overwhelming process of buying/selling their homes. I give my clients as much information as possible and guide them through the process in order to reduce the stress that comes with buying/selling their home.

On a personal note, My wife and I have two daughters who both attend the University of Waterloo in the Engineering Department and you might see us around town as we love to support local businesses and to take part in events happening in the Waterloo Region.

Are you thinking of moving to Waterloo Ontario?

I have put together my top 5 reasons why you should move to Waterloo Ontario. 


1. Location - One of the things I don't like is doing a lot of driving when you need to do tasks or want to go out at night. I live in the North end of Waterloo and I find everything I need on a daily basis is within a 10-15 minute drive from my house. It's nice being so close to everything you need.

2. Food - Do you love food? I do and I love the fact that Waterloo has every kind of restaurant you could hope for. I personally like Ethiopian food and it can be hard to find in some towns. We have several (yes they are in Kitchener but they are very close).

3. Events - There is always something going on in Waterloo. I will be doing another video/blog post all about the events that happen year-round. But just to give you a few... We have Oktoberfest, Winterloo, Bestival, Night Market, Vegfair, Lumen Lite... the list goes on.

4.  Nature - Do you like to do activities outdoors? I love to walk along the river. There are so many great trails in and around Waterloo you will be busy checking them all out. 

5. Towns around Waterloo - There are always things to do here in Waterloo, but if you want to have a day trip on the weekend there are a lot of towns within a 30-45 minute drive. You can get out and explore other towns restaurants, events, and trails.