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For your own peace of mind, I would recommend getting an outlet tester. The tester will make sure your outlets in your home are wired correctly. It is the best $10 I've ever spent.

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Here is a list of events happening in Waterloo throughout the year.



Winter markets - Christkindl Market St Jacobs Sparkles

Belmount Village - Christmas in the Village

Bingemans Gift of Lights

Kitchener- Waterloo Comedy Festival 

Uptown Waterloo Christmas Tree Lighting


Uptown Night market and Artisans market

Belmont village bestival

Jazz Fest

Blues Festival 

Waterloo Busker Carnival

Canada Day

Ribfest & Craft Beer Show



IMPACT - International Theatre Festival

Lumen Lite


Sales are down and prices are up.

If you are thinking of selling your house, this is a great market to sell it in. 


Are you Vegan and looking for some great Vegan-friendly options here in Waterloo?

Here is the list of restaurants I like in Waterloo...

Cafe Pyrus

Odd Burger

Copper Branch

Jane Bond

White Rabbit

The Bauer Kitchen

Wildcraft Grill + Long Bar

Beertown Public House