When listing your home staging can play a key role in the sale of your house. Staging will help you depersonalizes and declutter your home which will help showcase your rooms in your house to best capture the imagination of a prospective buyer. It's importnat to remember you are not selling your personal style, you are selling your home.

Here are some things to remember:

    • Remove your family photos
    • Paint your rooms a neutral colour
    • Remove any religious items 
    • Fix any obvious damage like tears in door screens or holes in walls 
    • You can replace any bulky furniture with pieces that best maximize a room's space
    • Make sure the kitchen is spotless
    • Make sure all visible linens are clean and fresh
    • Make sure all bathrooms are clean with simple decorative accents and no overpowering scents
    • Minimize clutter
    • Fix up the master bedroom so it feels warm and inviting
    • The exterior of the home should be clean and tidy

You can stage your home yourself or let me recommend a home staging professional. Please feel free to discuss this with me.